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Antigua is the Capital City of the Department of Sacatepéquez and is about forty-five minutes from the Capital City of Guatemala.  It was founded on March 10, 1543 by Francisco de la Cueva.  Antigua has suffered various earthquakes since its' foundation.  In 1773 it was semi-destroyed but rebuilt again.  The last major earthquake that struck Antigua was on February 4, 1976.  In 1979, this city was recognized as a "Cultural Heritage of Mankind" by the UNESCO.  This beautiful city still conserves the colonial architecture of the past.  Antigua has numerous hotels and restaurants that will facilitate your exploration of the city.  There are many Spanish language schools, for those interested in learning another language.  It is a visit that you will not forget!


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Arch and Volcano

Church, La Merced

Main Church

Palace of the Captains General

Archs in Palace of Captains General

Hotel Casa Santa Domingo


Carriage in Central Plaza

Hotel Casa Santa Domingo

Married Woman Head Band

Mayan Girl Selling ...Good Price!

Antigua and Volcan de Agua in the background

Church damaged by one of the many earthquakes

Typical street with Volcan de Agua in the background

Fountain in main plaza

Horse carriage

Selling handicrafts

One of the many church buildings

Typical colonial door


Young girl selling handicraft

Young woman selling handicraft

Colonial architecture

La Mereced Church


Colonial Door

Colonial Door


Colonial House

Colonial Door


Church destroyed by earthquake


Building in Antigua

The Arch

Bernie at Tre Fratelli

Bank building (Occidente)

Selling Handicrafts

Arch and Volcano

Archs in Palace of Captains General

Selling Handicrafts

Typical Street with Volcano in the background

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